Real Time MIS Tracker
For Construction

Project Status

Get real time alerts on delayed projects

Pace your projects to finish line before the completion date and create wonderful customer experience. A happy customer will bring more new customers for you.


Revenue Trends

Monitor your revenue reports on the fly

With help of interactive graphs. Hit the bulls eye and stay ahead of your revenue targets. Check revenue report project wise to know exactly which projects are behind on revenue targets and orient your team in direction.


Profit/loss Tracking

Daily graphical reports to guide you on project profitability status

Control your expenses and increase your profits. Drill down deeper to discover exact grey areas ( site wise on specified dates) , take corrective actions in right direction and see positive results instantaneously.


Imprest Tracker

Track your imprest disbursement real time

Have a proper approval process in place and implement healthy checks and balances in place.


Material Reconcillations

Do you get sleepless nights thinking about losses due to mismanagement of material

We have a perfect solution for your worries. Try our material management module, put exact estimates of a site in place and observe real time material consumption. Take on-time corrective actions to avoid pilferages and increase your profits.



Graphical reports comparing your estimate vs actual performance of the project

Planned utilization of Material/Labor/Equipment/Fuel vis-à-vis Actual consumption on every day basis for all or selected project sites. Graphical reports to keep you on top of your Material, Manpower, Fuel consumptions and equipment utilization. Check how accurate your estimates are so that you bid more informed next time. With instant reports on actual consumption, take corrective steps promptly.


Material Management

End to end automated flow from requirement generation to material delivery and vendor payment

A complete end to end flow from requirement to delivery of materials. Verify only required material is ordered, it’s ordered to right vendor at the right price. There is no ambiguity in material delivery. Material and vendor quality is rated for future reference. Payments to vendors part is very closely and tightly knitted workflow to ensure there is no room for gaps, right amount to right vendor is paid on time.


Unique Features

  • Make your site estimates and Analyse work done at various sites on daily basis.
  • Control your cash expenses with powerful imprest cost module
  • Each vendor payment goes through a systematic approval process to eliminate errors
  • Graphical reports on your daily progress
  • Get alerts of your equipment for timely servicing and statutory compliances.
  • Interactive dashboard for TOP management
  • Get Get graphical reports of your daily progress for better understanding.
  • Analyse work done at various sites on daily basis
To save a fortune on Material and Operational Cost


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