Employee Appraisal

Due to a lack of communication between a chain of hierarchy being reported by established companies and super startups employing thousands of employees, Compton Digital created an Employee appraisal software that guarantees to retain and value your true performers whilst mitigating expenditure on non-performers.


HR policies

The Employee appraisal system creates a library of HR policies formed by the company and accesses it any time before making certain decisions.


Chain of Command

The performance appraisal software appoints a chain of hierarchy where a superior has the rights to monitor their juniors.


Scoring Criteria

Select the weight age of operational practices set by your business and review employee performances for specific behavioural criteria.


Define Productivity

Have the liberty to create your own marking criteria in the shape of policy formations, code of conduct and other business ethics.


Quick Feedbacks

Deliver status of appraisal requests along with performance remarks to speed up the decision and deliverance process in the administration.

To save a substantial amount on non-performers and HR efficiency …


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